Want Your Own Yoga Studio?



I really want to share with you one of my all-time favourite apps, Yoga Studio, because it quite honestly has changed my life. I use it almost everyday and I love it because:

  • it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie with no yoga experience at all, or a regular yogi looking for some extra inspiration – there are classes for every level of experience
  • all of the classes are guided by a yoga teacher who instructs you on how to do the poses (there is extra information on the poses which is helpful if they’re new to you)
  • you can select which class you’d like to do based on your goals (flexibility, relaxation or strength for example) and you can even opt for the one that best suits your schedule -> there are classes that range from a quick 10-minute stretch all the way up to an hour
  • it is also possible to choose what background music you’d prefer for your session..I love the ambient flute so much I’ve not even tried out the soothing guitar, birdsong or ocean waves yet
  • all of this is completely portable

As I travel a lot, and not every place I stay in has a gym (or a climate conducive to exercising outside), this app has been a godsend. If all else fails I can at least do a yoga session in the comfort and privacy of my hotel room!

Given a casual yoga class may cost $20 or so, and a monthly pass to a yoga studio might cost as much as $100+ dollars, the Yoga Studio app is worth every single cent of the $4.99 you can get it for on iTunes.

Tell me, do you have a yoga app you love too? Share in the comments below!

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