Clear Skin Secrets

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Everything you need to know about achieving clear skin is right in here.

Clear Skin Secrets is a result of 20 years of personal experience, 15 years professional experience, and hundreds of stories just like yours.

In my quest to understand acne from the inside out I have studied many healing modalities including nutrition, naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and beauty therapy. And, as a result, I can tell you:


  • Why bacteria on your skin is not the problem.
  • What dietary triggers are notorious for making skin erupt (there are some in here that will surprise you).
  • How to figure out your particular problem foods (because everyone is different).
  • What nutrients you are deficient in and how much to take to see visible results.
  • How to choose skincare that is both safe, and effective.
  • The real causes of acne and how to address them.
  • Swift and effective strategies to clear up breakouts quickly.
  • How to achieve clear skin naturally, and maintain it for life.

Incredible information in your book, I just read the download and am super excited about your whole book!

You have an amazing wealth of knowledge!

Kaliesha G.


My Skin Story

I know exactly what it’s like to have challenging skin.

It started around 12 years old. My skin went from that lovely skin that children have to becoming oily. I remember, at 13 years old, squeezing pimples for the first time. Things escalated from there and by the time I was 16 years old I was getting deep, large cysts on my chin and cheeks; some were the size of peas and lasted for more than 3 months at at time. I hid behind a mask of make-up from dawn ’til dusk and much of my mental real estate was consumed by worrying how my face looked; excess oil, texture that make-up couldn’t hide, and unforgiving lighting  were the bane of my existence. So I did what most teenage girls did at that age and went straight on the pill. You know the one that clears your skin up? What a relief that was. But this was doing nothing but band-aiding a much deeper problem. And when I removed that band-aid, the message from my body came right back up to the surface. And this has probably happened to you too.

I read your book it is amazing, so much information and so well written.

Lisa M.


Does this sound familiar…?

  • Have you found that every time you have tried to come off the pill your breakouts simply come back? Are you freaking out about this because, one day you’d like to start a family and you know you’ll have to come off the pill and… then what?!
  • Or maybe you’ve been on countless antibiotics. Over and over again. On them, off them, and back on them again. And each time you’re on them things improve (although thrush and digestive issues might pop up) and then – when you come off them – eventually, your skin goes back to breaking out?
  • Perhaps your story was with roaccutane. Where you endured months (maybe even years) on a medication that caused your skin to go red, dry out like crazy, peel painfully – and ultimately produce results at a pretty high cost (assuming you didn’t end up with the gut and mood issues that can be associated with it).

Let me tell you, there is a better way.

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This Book is For You If:

  • Your skin is misbehaving and you’re fed up.
  • You really want to know how to attain clear skin, naturally – for life.
  • You’re sick of trying different diets, cutting out certain things here – and eating ridiculous things there – and, regardless of what you do, your skin still randomly breaks out.
  • You’re tired of spending an extortionate amount of money on skin stuff. Natural skincare. Expensive skincare. Professional skincare. Prescription skincare. Treatments. So. Many. Treatments. And, even though this sometimes helps, it never quite sorts things out.
  • You really want to avoid harsh pharmaceuticals medication and treat the real, underlying causes of your acne – or you’ve tried medication and suffered side effects and the results did not last.
  • You know deep down there is a reason your skin is misbehaving and you’ve realised there is no magic pill.
  • You’re so over feeling embarrassed by your skin, the time you spend trying to treat it (and cover it up) and you just want beautiful, healthy skin like everybody else.


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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • What your skin really needs from your skincare, the key ingredients that will support your skin’s efforts to heal, and some of my favourite products for acne-prone skin.
  • Make-up tips and tricks to improve coverage, and your confidence.
  • The 3 key dietary factors that are guaranteed to your trigger breakouts, and how to manage them.
  • How to boost digestion to improve nutrition and detoxification of your skin.
  • The 2 major dietary components that you need to increase your consumption of in order to improve skin condition.
  • The 4 ways stress affects your hormones and skin, and simple strategies to counteract their impact.
  • The 6 nutrients that you really need to be supplementing with to nourish and clear your skin naturally.
  • What the gut-skin axis is and why sorting it out is the fundamental key to clear skin, for life.
  • Where your liver and lymphatic system play a role in clear healthy skin, and how to help them – help you.
  • The 2 biggest things you’re doing to unbalance your hormones.
  • What to do to clear up pigmentation and scarring.

Thank you for writing and launching this e-book! It was an absolute delight to have a book written to help clearing up the skin based on a holistic “addressing-the-root-cause” approach, supported by scientific research.

Christine L.

Hong Kong

Amie Skilton

Amie Skilton


Amie Skilton is a functional medicine practitioner, aesthetician, life coach – and former acne sufferer.

Author, presenter, skincare formulator and natural medicine ambassador she is passionate about empowering women to understand how their body’s work, and how to support them naturally, so they can enjoy the flow on effects to mood, fertility, beauty and general wellbeing.

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